An Allegory of Aesthetics

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One last final…on a Saturday. Party hard to all your final free students, party hard for me.

Anonymous asked: You've probably been asked this already and if so, you can just link me to it, but how is Drexel? I'm waiting on a decision and I'm pretty interested in the school.

This is probably a late response but this is my take on Drexel, and a lot of people who share the same view. 

It’s not a traditional university where there is an intense campus spirit that you see on other campus. However, it is a school that will prepare you for the real world. It will put you situations such as time constraints, fast business pace environments, crunched deadlines, etc. At the end of the day, It really breaks down to what you put into Drexel is what you’ll get out of it. In my personal experience with just being here for the short span of 6 months, I’ve been fortunate with tremendous opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

So It really depends on what you want out of your college experience, if you are looking for a traditional college experience, then Drexel probably won’t be a great match. But if you are focused on long-term and post-graduation, then Drexel is a pretty good choice.

Also it depends on your major. In my case it’s slightly bias since a majority of us will have jobs lined up after graduation, but I know this isn’t the case for other majors.